Sign ordinances

Town of Cornelius

Cornelius logoIn an effort to present a consistent image and visual harmony throughout the Town of Cornelius zoning district, the Cornelius Planning Department has published Chapter 10 in their handbook to inform and guide you towards selecting an appropriate, acceptable type of sign for your business or event needs. Guidelines are intended to ensure consistency in style, scale, visibility, readability and clarity as well as location and quantity, while allowing for a varied, exciting and interesting visual landscape for Cornelius. The Town has adopted these sign regulations in order to:

• Protect the public welfare and town property values by preserving the aesthetic and environmental qualities of the Town.

• Promote safety by eliminating traffic hazards or hazards due to collapse, decay or abandonment of signs.

• Maintain the economic viability of businesses in our community through the availability of appropriate signage.

• Promote the efficient transfer of public and commercial information through sign management.

Permanent and temporary signs requiring a permit must have a sign permit approved by the Town of Cornelius Planning Department. All businesses or organizations interested in installing signs are responsible for acquiring such permits. You are required to select signage options from the permitted options indicated in the regulations, and submit design drawings prepared by a sign manufacturer or signage designer for approval by the Town. All designs shall be submitted for approval to the Town of Cornelius Planning Department. All sign types, not just those specifically covered in the regulations, must comply and be approved by the Town.

Download the complete Town of Cornelius Sign Ordinance

Town of Davidson

Davidson logoDavidson is a town built with pedestrians and bike riders in mind, rather than autos. There is a focus on connectivity, walkable streets, open spaces and greenways. Development in Davidson is different, in that they require public input sessions for all new developments, following new urbanist principles and a belief in good design. One of the primary elements a new business owner will need to obtain is a sign permit.

Download the Town of Davidson Sign Permit Application

Town of Huntersville

Town of HuntersvilleThe purpose of Town of Huntersville Article 10 is to maintain public safety and traffic safety by ensuring that signs are properly designed, constructed, installed & maintained; to minimize distractions and obstructions of view that contribute to traffic hazards and endanger public safety; to protect existing development and promote high standards of quality in new development by encouraging appropriately designed, placed and sized signage; to provide an effective guide for communication identification through signage while preventing signs from dominating the visual appearance of the areas in which they are located.

Download the Town of Huntersville Article 10: Signs

Town of Mooresville

Mooresville racecity logoTemporary & Prohibited Signs

There is often confusion about what signs are allowed within the town limits. Therefore, it is best to call the Planning Department at 704-662-7040 before purchasing any sign to ensure that it is a permitted (allowed) sign.

Sandwich board signs, also known as "A-frame" signs, are allowed with the following restrictions:

• Only allowed in RMX, NMX, TND-C, VC, and TC;
• Maximum 12 sq ft/4 ft high;
• One per establishment;
• Removed every evening; and
• Located on the property where the business is located.
Temporary banners are allowed for special events for nonresidential uses provided they are:
• Maximum 75 sq ft;
• Attached to the building – not to a roof, fence or existing sign face;
• Not located above the second floor level;
• Limited to four events per business per calendar year for not more than 15 days per event (can be adjusted to two 15-day periods); and
• Removed within two days of the event's end.

Prohibited signs include:

• ANY sign in the right of way;
• ANY sign on metal or wood stakes not attached to a permanent foundation (temporary elections signs are excluded);
• ANY portable sign;
• ANY roof sign; and
• ANY flashing or rotating sign.

Download the Mooresville Sign Ordinance for more information.

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