Junior Leadership Lake Norman

Junior Leadership Lake Norman is structured in the same manner as Leadership Lake Norman but in language and content that is relatable to rising high school junior students. They will learn more about their community during this intensive and rewarding eight-month long program. This leadership development program was specifically created to inform, motivate and increase the overall awareness of selected high school students through educational seminars and interaction with various decision makers of local businesses, government agencies and civic organizations. Specifically, the Junior Leadership Lake Norman goals are as follows:010 640x480

• Identify emerging and existing youth leaders

• Present in-depth programs that offer an opportunity for class members to interact with various decision makers of local businesses, government agencies and civic organizations

• Teach students the positive values and benefits of community service

• Encourage students to engage in making their community a better place to live and work

• Empower students to take responsibility for their schools and make them better for present and future students

• Provide opportunities for students from different schools in the community to work together and develop new friendships.

Upon graduation, participants will have learned about the issues and solutions facing the Lake Norman community, while enhancing personal knowledge and understanding of this great community. The end result is an investment in the community's future leadership. The current class, 2017-2018 are scheduled to graduate from the program in April 2018.

The 2018 - 2019 Application will be available in May.

Contact the Chamber at 704-892-1922 to find out the deadline for the next Junior Leadership Lake Norman session.

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