Special Message to the Membership from Public Policy Chair Jeff Tarte:

Lake Norman Chamber Behind the Scenes Assisting our Healthcare Industry

Published Friday, April 3, 2020

April 3, 2020

Special Message to the Membership from Public Policy Chair Jeff Tarte:

Businesses are people too! I believe this. Remember in 2009 when The U.S. Supreme Court launched a heated debate on whether Corporations are people? Kent Greenfield a law professor at Boston College provided an answer that there are definitely times when businesses are people. One of those times is when we are in the middle of a national crisis. During times of crises people (businesses owners and employees) overwhelmingly step up to serve the greater good of an entire community. We are fortunate in that we are experiencing unprecedented assistance from our area businesses right here at the lake helping the less fortunate.

Businesses are an integral part of every community. We see it locally when a NASCAR teams retools its shop to make protective facemasks for health care providers; when a local machine manufacturer pivots to make ventilators that are in short supply; or when a local resident with connections to an international pharmaceutical manufacturer secures 600,000 doses of medicine at no cost for the people of our great state.

We see our businesses and members of the Lake Norman Chamber working to source surgical masks for our area hospitals and care providers. The store managers of our local grocery stores are setting up a couple of days per week with exclusive shopping hours so seniors are potentially less exposed to the Coronavirus. A local hotel stepped up and provided housing for sixty (60) homeless persons in Mecklenburg with Covid-19 symptoms. Even one of our local universities - UNC Charlotte - announced selected dorms are being repurposed for use by our area hospital systems. People and our businesses are doing their part to combat the Coronavirus and help keep everyone safe and healthy.

For many of these initiatives, the Lake Norman Chamber is that coalescing ingredient that brings resources together to get results for people in time of need. The Public Policy Committee members of your Chamber wants you to know that during the Covid-19 pandemic the health care of your employees and your families are priorities for us as well.

The Public Policy Committee members will remain actively engaged throughout the Covid-19 pandemic in sourcing materials, supplies and even drugs that will benefit our entire community. Also, keep a heads up for the soon to be released CDC directive on the use of cloth masks. We want to enable our first responders to keep everyone safe, essential workers to conduct their daily assignments and health care workers to be prepared for any medical surge caused by this pandemic.

With a majority of our workforce now working from home, we are prime targets for cybersecurity hackers. Please exercise good cyber hygiene. Change your password as frequently as reasonable. Do not click on and open attachments in emails in which are not absolutely sure of the contents. Please make sure you have proper firewalls and protection against malware and ransomware. Above all else make sure you are practicing good data backup procedures.

James Sanders from Shared Resources, a great Lake Norman Chamber IT Member, suggested Chamber members visit this site to view a webinar from one of their trusted vendors to guard against cyber-attacks,

Finally, we are going to be experiencing beautiful Carolina blue skies this weekend. Please stay at home and if you absolutely have to be out, practice proper social distancing. As Chamber President Bill Russell reminds us…

Be Safe and God Bless,

Jeff Tarte

Public Policy Chair