Cornelius and Davidson Firefighters Honored at Chamber Public Safety Luncheon

Huntersville Officer to be Recognized at November 4th Town Board Meeting

Published Friday, October 25, 2019

The Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce recognized Firefighters from Cornelius, Davidson, and Huntersville at the 2019 Public Safety Luncheon held at Northstone Country Club. In addition to the Fire Departments, the Chamber also recognized the Police Officers and Crime Stopper of the Year. The event, presented by Wells Fargo and sponsored by Lake Norman Publications and CPCC, was attended by approximately 100 business and community leaders.

Emceed by Chamber President Bill Russell, the Outstanding Officers of the Year were selected by their Department Chiefs and presented the award along with the respective Town Mayor and Chamber Board Chair Tricia Sission.

Unfortunately, neither Huntersville Chief Dotoli or the honoree could attend the luncheon, so Firefighter Brandon Auten from the Huntersville Fire Department will be recognized at the November 4th Huntersville Town Board Meeting.

The Firefighter honorees from the Public Safety Luncheon and their accomplishments are detailed below. The words are that of their Department Chief:

Captain Clark Mackey

Davidson Fire Department

Pictured with Davidson Fire Chief Bo Fitzgerald, Mayor Rusty Knox and Board Chair Tricia Sisson

Chief Fitzgerald writes: "A strong and effective training program is a critical component of a successful fire department.  In many ways, it is the basic building block of the fire service workforce and helps to ensure that firefighters are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully complete the department’s mission of protecting the lives and property of those living within its jurisdiction. 

For this reason, one might argue that one of the most important positions in any fire department is that of the Training Officer.  The role of the training officer involves countless hours of planning events, coordinating instructors, entering training reports, and chasing down the procrastinators who fail to complete their training before the deadline.  Although this is not always glamorous or exciting work, it is absolutely vital to a fire department’s success.

For the past four years, Captain Clark Mackey has served in the Training Officer role for the Davidson Fire Department.  During this time, he has proven to be one of the most dependable members of our staff.  He has consistently been called upon to handle some of our more pressing and difficult training projects and has taken on the responsibility of making sure that all DFD training records are entered properly.  

In addition to his duties as a Training Officer, Clark also serves on the DFD apparatus committee, and routinely assists with promotional assessment centers for the ranks of Captain and Engineer.  His contribution to the Town of Davidson is far too often overlooked.   For this reason, it gives me great pleasure to recognize Captain Clark Mackey as the Davidson Fire Department recipient of the 2019 Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce Public Safety Award." 


Firefighter EMT David Chaney

Cornelius-Lemley Fire Rescue

Pictured with Cornelius Chief Guerry Barbee, Mayor Woody Washam, and Board Chair Tricia Sisson

Chief Barbee writes - "Cornelius-Lemley Fire Rescue would like to recognize Firefighter EMT David Chaney for his excellent service to our organization. David joined Cornelius in January of 2009 and quickly became one of our most active members obtaining the state required 312 hours of firefighting training and 200 hours of Emergency Medical Training all while maintaining a full-time job and raising two children.

In the last ten years David has become a constant presence in the firehouse every weekend throughout the year and on holidays. His knowledge of our town, our apparatus and our department operations coupled with his willingness to work the less desirable shifts makes him one of our most dependable firefighters.

David has amassed a wealth of knowledge, certifications and experience during his time with our department. We truly appreciate his work ethic and dedication to our Fire Department, the Town of Cornelius and the north end of Mecklenburg County." 

Photos by John McHugh / Ocaid Photography