Special Message from LKN Chamber President Bill Russell to Davidson and Mooresville Voters Regarding the Cable Referendum

Lake Norman Chamber Backs Support of Cable Referendum

Published Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Davidson and Mooresville Business Owners and Voters:

On Election Day November 5th , and throughout the early voting process, a referendum question will appear on the ballot allowing citizens to approve the sale of Continuum to TDS Telecom.  It is a unique and rare opportunity to bring the investments made by the communities of Davidson and Mooresville back to our citizenry. The Lake Norman Chamber Board of Directors strongly supports this vote and encourages our business owners and chamber members to vote in favor of the $80 million dollar sale.

TDS has a strong 50-year history in the telecommunications industry.  Their enviable financial position sets them apart from competitors, which was likely a factor in the Town Boards selection of TDS as a buyer. 

As the voice of business for the Lake Norman region, we believe this $80 million sale will free up town tax dollars which are currently being used on the debt service of Continuum. The proceeds from the sale can be used for priorities like public safety, parks, infrastructure, and tax relief to our citizens and local businesses.

The Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce believes TDS will have a greater ability to invest in network improvements providing better service and product offerings while supporting local business growth and investing in new technological advancements. In addition, unlike Continuum, TDS is not encumbered by municipal broadband statutes that prohibit network expansion. That means TDS can build out more neighborhoods and businesses who don’t currently enjoy high-speed broadband in our communities.

We are also encouraged by their plans to participate in community events and activities which will benefit our local businesses and families. 

The Lake Norman Chamber urges our local voters to support and to vote in FAVOR of the referendum question to sell Continuum to TDS next Election Day.  Remember to vote on November 5th!