LKN Small Engine Repair, LLC - Lake Norman Small Business Spotlight

The Lake Norman Chamber salutes Jared Washington and his Staff-

Published Thursday, June 27, 2019

LKN Small Engine was started in 2013 by Jared Washington. Jared started the business as a part time job, working out of his two car garage with the goal of both doing something that he loved and providing a service to the community that he felt was missing. According to Jared, "I started out just providing small engine repair services, of which I learned the basics from my Grandfather, whom I spent a great deal of time during my childhood. I learned the importance of helping others and taking care of your neighbors from my grandfather, and our business today is centered around those ideals."      

Here is Jared's story of Entrepenuership and business success...

"After a few years of running the business as a one man, part time operation, and growing exponentially year over year, it was decision time! I had reached the point that the business demanded more time than I had available to commit, so I had to make a decision to either sell the business to someone, or to commit to continuing to build the brand and stepping away from my stable, well paying management career. Obviously I chose to follow my entrepreneurial passion and take a risk. In March of 2015 I started my full time venture running LKN Small Engine. As a newcomer to the marketplace, one of my largest concerns was legitimizing the business, as I was still a single man operation, at this point working out of any available space I could find. I worked out of my own garage, a storage unit, and a 16’ trailer to name a few. In an effort to legitimize myself, I began working towards gaining industry certifications, my first of which was the Master Service Technician certification through Briggs and Stratton. Leading up to the launch in 2015, my wife and I made the decision to sell our newly built home and relocate within Mooresville to a larger piece of property, that was appropriately zoned to allow us to both build a house, and a new shop to operate the business from. The plan here was that I would be able to operate the business full time from this location for a minimum of 5 years before needing to expand. "

 "In the summer of 2017 decision time once again arose. The shop that I had planned on working in for the next 5 + years had already been outgrown. We had taken on 2 full time and one part time employee, brought in our first major line of equipment to offer for sale, and continued year over year exponential growth. Fast forward to today and we are in our current location at 1992 Charlotte Hwy in Mooresville. We presently occupy over 4,000 sq ft of space and represent several major brands including names such as Husqvarna, Generac, DR Power, Bad Boy Mowers, MTD, MultiQuip and Oregon just to name a few. We hold the highest available levels of dealership through both Briggs and Stratton and Kohler Power. We are also certified through Kawasaki Power, Honda Engines, and Subaru Industrial. We presently employ 6 full time employees and one part time employee, and actively sponsor different organizations within our community. 

 The reason that I believe that we have been so successful in a rather short period of time is very simple. We live by our mission statement, “Do the right thing, take care of the customer. PERIOD!” We do our best to treat every customer that walks through our doors as if they were a loved family member. Sure, there are situations that arise, and things that go wrong, but ultimately everyone on our team does everything in their power to do the right thing, and take care of every customer to their best ability. As we move forward, it will be the focus on truly caring about every customer that graces our door, making sure that we do what is right by them and exceeding their expectations that will allow us to continue to expand and attain the continued growth that we seek. The support that the Lake Norman community has show us through our continued growth and the growing pains that go with it has been amazing. We all look forward to continuing to improve and better serve all within our community. "

 Pictured: Jared Washington, owner of LKN Small Engine, LLC in Mooresville with Lake Norman Chamber President & CEO Bill Russell.