Office Suite Efficiency Workshop - Open to all

Date: March 11, 2020
Time: 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Location:  Show map
Randy Marion Conference Room
2nd Floor Visit Lake Norman/Chamber of Commerce
19900 W. Catawba Ave
Cornelius , NC 28031
Contact: Jennifer Kraftchick
Phone: 919-630-9886

The Lake Norman Young Professionals are hosting an 'Office Suite Efficiency Class' as apart of the LKNYP Workshop Series.

This class will cover some great time saving tips helping you to be more efficient at work. Some of the functions we will cover in class will include: - Combine PowerPoint and Excel via PasteLink for automatic updates - Mail Merge - Excel Text to Columns - Excel Concatenate (Combine Cells) - Sniper sights! - Copy columns then paste vs paste values - Copy cell format styles - Find Unique vs Find Duplicate Values - Change date formats-Data Types MATTER! - Apply Filters - Freeze Panes - Sort by DATE on a filter - Pick from Drop Down list (right click) vs Data Validation - Excel Difference in days (days till due) - Outlook: Notes that move with you! - Quick and easy meeting setup! (Class favorite!) - Quick Parts: Send the same email over and over again?

There’s a button for that! - Quick Steps: Email your team important info for discussion! Yup, there’s a button for that too! - Email options: close original email when forwarding or replying to someone - Email options: close all open emails (in the VIEW tab) - Bring back your calendar and tasks view in the main window with the TO DO button - Shared email options: Use color categories to either assign it to someone or verify everyone has read it! - Set your email to expire on a certain date - File Explorer: how to add that share drive folder you can never find!--

Invite your co-workers, friends to attend.  Reserve your seat(s) today!