Lake Norman Healthcare Task Force

Date: February 20, 2020
Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Location:  Show map
Randy Marion Conference Room
19900 W. Catawba Ave
2nd Floor Visitor Center / Chamber Office
Cornelius , NC 28031
Phone: 704.892.1922


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Invitation Only Meetings with Focus on HealthCare in our area. 

 The purpose of the committee is to provide multi-system vision, structure, data aggregation/analytics, process and accountability towards engaging our communities to be proactive in improving health. The impact of this work will be determined by the achievement of the success measures defined in this document. As a result of this work, a sustainable and scalable capability for long-term and real-time “live” data ingestion and analysis will be established to inform future community initiatives.

This will include management of the three Strategic Objectives of: • Connecting with the community on focused health conditions through data aggregation, analytics, risk stratification and predictive modeling to create visibility and awareness • Engaging our local employers, providers, government officials and other key stakeholders to create sustainable structure, process and partnerships for proactive intervention and early detection capabilities • Inspiring our community members to participate in improving their health and to engage in the health of our communities

The responsibilities and role of the committee include the following• Create the vision and strategy/strategic plan to guide the work • Determine measures of success • Develop the infrastructure to execute the work • Oversee/Direct the work that drives the strategy to achieve measures of success • Ensure strategic alignment with other Lake Norman Chamber Committees, Initiatives, Goals • Include and leverage work that other collaboratives have already completed to limit re-work and inefficiencies • Ensure resource and funding is available to support the work that drives the strategy • Screen, evaluate, prioritize, and assign new opportunity initiatives as defined by the scope of this work • Educate and advance the strategy throughout the Lake Norman Communities