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Davidson College is making a major investment in regional innovation with "The Hub"

As just announced by Davidson College and in The Charlotte Observer, Davidson is making a major investment in regional innovation:

The Hub@Davidson.

The Hub at Davidson 320x93The Hub is a cutting-edge, LEED-certified facility that aims to both connect with and help build a vibrant Lake Norman-area technology, innovation and entrepreneurship community. In a former textile factory, Davidson will bring together students, faculty, companies, and community partners under one roof, leveraging the intellectual capital of the college and the unique history and architecture of the property.

But The Hub is more than a building. Davidson is creating a community of innovation — and the first of its kind led by a liberal arts college. In addition to physical space, Davidson is building programs, events, and providing consulting services in key areas like design thinking and lean startup. In sum, the college’s goal is to build a movement — a nexus for campus and community to come together and lead the way in innovation and accelerated growth for our region.

As one example, The Hub’s inaugural program — R+D² — pairs companies with student-faculty teams on structured engagements. Davidson teams will provide real-world problem-solving and project support at much lower cost than industry sticker prices. If the R+D² program isn’t a fit for a Chamber company, we would love to discuss the possibility of sponsorships for The Hub to directly support the mission of advancing innovation and entrepreneurship in one of the nation’s fastest growing cities and leaders in tech jobs.

We know our communities, businesses and educational institutions face a shared need to prepare for the challenges of a rapidly changing economic and innovation landscape. This is Davidson’s contribution.

If you'd like to find out more about getting involved with The Hub through R+D², sponsoring or partnering in programs for the local business community, please email with any questions. You can also visit The Hub’s website to keep up with its developments at

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