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FAQ - Carolinas HealthCare Behavioral Health Hospital - Davidson

Answers to the most Frequenty Asked Questions of the Carolinas HealthCare Behavioral Hospital - Davidson.

Carolina HealthCare

1.  What has been proposed for a behavioral health facility in Davidson?

Carolinas HealthCare System (CHS) plans to build a 66-bed behavioral health hospital on Hwy. 73, about a quarter-mile east of Ramah Church Road.

2.  Why is CHS building a behavioral health hospital?

The new hospital will help us address an urgent, unmet need in a facility designed exclusively for patients who need mental health services.  The project is in keeping with the CHS mission of providing services to improve the health and wellness of the community.

CMC-Randolph, the existing behavioral health hospital in Charlotte, has 66 beds and is operating at 110 percent of capacity, so the need for additional beds in Mecklenburg County is clear.  A state-of-the-art behavioral health hospital will provide the very best care for patients and families who have immediate needs.

3.  What must happen before construction can begin?

The N.C. Division of Health Service Regulation (NCDHSR) previously approved CHS' certificate of need application for the facility.  CHS has requested approval from the state to move the site to Davidson.

4.  When might construction start?

The NCDHSR has up to 75 days to render its decision, which means it could come by mid-July.  If the state approves the new location, site preparation can begin by late July, with completion of the facility scheduled in the second half of 2013.

5.  Were nearby neighbors and town officials notified about the proposed project?

Yes.  CHS met with nearby property owners and representatives from the town of Davidson to share with them plans for the behavioral health hospital.  Officials in Davidson support the project.

6.  Why was this site selected and were other sites considered?

Dozens of sites were considered in Mecklenburg County.  The property chosen has sufficient acreage, access to major roads and a quiet, serene setting.  Site planning and architectural design will result in an attractive site plan.

7.  How many beds will be in the new behavioral health hospital?

The state has approved a facility with 66 beds for adults.  If additional beds are deemed by the state to be needed, a second phase could add 44 more beds to the facility.

The Davidson site also will have a medical office building for outpatient services for adults and children.

As noted in the Certificate of Need application approved by the state, the 66 beds slated for the Davidson behavioral health hospital would be a transfer of inpatient beds from Broughton Hospital in Morganton.  Transfers of psychiatric beds are happening at other facilities across the state pursuant to a state policy encouraging the transfer of beds from state hospitals to community facilities.

The state of North Carolina began down-sizing state psychiatric hospitals following the passage of the Mental Health Reform Act of 2001.  To date, about half of the state-operated psychiatric hospital beds have closed.  Transfers of beds, however, must be approved by the state and do not happen automatically.

8.  Have other behavioral health beds approved by the state for Mecklenburg County?

Yes.  Presbyterian Hospital also received state approval in 2011 for its plans to move inpatient psychiatric beds from Broughton Hospital to its main hospital campus on Hawthorne Lane in the heart of the Elizabeth neighborhood in Charlotte.  With the transfer of 15 beds from Broughton, Presbyterian has 75 beds licensed for psychiatric care.

9.  How does this area in Davidson compare to the neighborhood around CMC-Randolph?

The area in Davidson has mostly open land with a few home sites nearby and several large open tracts of land.  The area around CMC-Randolph is densely developed with properties used for local government services, residential, medical office, recreational, schools, and other uses.

Carolinas HealthCare strives to be a good neighbor in every community where we have facilities.  The environments we create are conducive to high quality patient care and the surrounding communities.

10.  Describe the admissions process at the proposed behavioral health hospital in Davidson.

Admissions to the behavioral health hospital will be planned and coordinated through the Behavioral Health Call Center.  This will allow the Davidson hospital to have considerable control over the timing and spacing of admissions, allowing admissions to occur in a smooth, efficient and safe manner.  Patients will be transported to the hospital via secure transport from local emergency departments and other healthcare facilities.

11.  What types of patients will be treated at the behavioral health hospital?

The hospital will be licensed and designed to treat patients with acute mood and thought disorders.  The multi-disciplinary treatment team will include doctors, nurses, therapists, recreation therapists and discharge planners who will work with patients and families to help patients return to their normal routines.

It will not provide treatment for sex offenders or detoxification treatment for substance abuse; patients needing treatment for those behaviors will be referred to providers who offer such treatment.

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